The Art Of Using Email To Sell

Selling buy email is different than selling on a sales page. Sales letters have to work under the impression that they have just one shot to make a sale and have to hammer in all the benefits and go for an instant close. Email on he other hand has the benefit of a relationship ad ongoing contact.

Here are a few tips on how to use email to sell effectively.

> Relationship First, Sales Second

Aim o first build trust and reader loyalty. This is what will get your emails opened time after time. once your emails are getting opened and you have your reader’s trust, then you can safely make sale after sale without alienating your list.

If you sell too much without first building trust, readers are more likely to tune out than buy.

So how do you build trust?

Provide firs class, unique original content that directly benefits the reader. Every time they read an email from you or buy a product from you, they should be better off. Do this consistently and readers will start to believe in you and your products.

>Using multiple-Email Sales Techniques

As mentioned  earlier, email allows you to use tactics that just don’t work with sales letters.

One of these is the  Problem> Problem> Solution Formula. Simply put, you send a series of emails about just the problem without offering a solution(yet). You can provide a lot f value by just explaining the problem. Then finally offer an innovative and powerful solution.

For example, say you run an investment newsletter. You might send this series of emails:

1.Why most people can’t beat the stock market index

2.Why most people choose poor money managers

3.Why must people can’t retire by 60 even if they manage their investments right

Then, in the fourth email, you finally reveal your product about smart investing.

If you have strong readership, by the time readers get your “solution” email they’ll be dying to get their hands on the product. Build up the problem while providing value, then provide the solution when they’re already to buy.

>Other Email Sales Tactics

Another effective way of generating sales is to use Tele-seminars. Use a Tele-seminar to demonstrate knowledge in a particular arena, and then use emails to follow up and close the sale.

Finally, even once in a while offer a sale. Perhaps it’s your birthday sale or a favorite day of the year sale; whatever it is, just a few times a year offer a sale of 15% to 30% off. You’ll make much more than you lose on discounts.

These are just a few tactics that can help you increase your email sales. Start by building the relationship with your list; then use one of these methods to bring in a nice stream of sales.

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